Our Vision

Inspire, Educate & Encourage.


The purpose of I Am My Sista's Foundation is to build camaraderie among female motorcycle riders to strengthen the bond of sisterhood to provide charitable support to females pursuing higher education opportunities. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational scholarships, personal development & spiritual seminars, and community assistance through implementing service projects.

The IAMS Foundation aims to inspire, educate and encourage minority women of all ages!

  • Inspire: to want women to be productive citizens and to ignite a feeling within them that will help the next women!
  • Educate: to provide women the foundations of educational development that will create opportunities for advancement in education
  • Encourage: to provide support, give confidence and hope to women by creating a "safe" environment, platform

One of our main goals is to raise scholarship money for young women to encourage them to pursue higher education. Accomplishing this goal will provide a financial avenue for young women that may not have otherwise been accessible. 

In doing this, IAMS Foundation will build partnerships with local businesses, nonprofit organizations, community leaders, activists, schools, and likeminded individuals that support minority women of all ages and are dedicated to building strong foundations in their lives.

The journey is just beginning - but will continue for many, many generations! Each year, young girls leave high school to enter the stage of adult womanhood for the first time. Each year, women are faced with personal, economic, or health challenges. Not only us at the IAMS Foundation - but all of us are needed to see each other through life's trials and tribulations...

...come take this journey with us and let's build a stronger community together!

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Christy Patterson
President, IAMS Foundation

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