Stronger Together

You Can Help

The IAMS Foundation believes that now - more than ever - we must band together as a whole to make the changes we wish to see in this world. No longer (if ever at all) can we put our fates in the hands of others. Take action for any cause that personally impacts you or someone you love. 

Here at IAMS, we have real opportunities to support our cause and minority women of all ages. Additionally, The IAMS Foundation is also available to volunteer or network with other groups seeking assistance or partnerships with their programs. 

Benefits To Volunteering:

  • You Tangibly Make A Difference
  • You Gain New Skills & Information
  • You Grow Your Network
  • You Gain Confidence Yourself
  • You Become A Part of Your Community

Volunteer With IAMS

The statistics of people that benefit from having a mentor or some type of guidance to support them can be very impressive - but nothing can be more heartwarming than the personal story of someone that was directly impacted by the help you gave. If you wish to volunteer your time to assist in one of The IAMS Foundation's Programs, complete the form below!

Opportunities Perfect For:

  • Individuals Looking to Give Time
  • Entrepreneurs Looking to Deliver Knowledge
  • Fraternities & Sororities Looking to Volunteer
  • Special Interest Clubs Looking to Network & Volunteer
  • Schools & Universities Looking to Educate
  • Churches Looking to Help Guide, Mentor

Partner With IAMS

Do you (or your business or organization) have a community program or initiative that needs volunteers? Are you seeking partnerships with others who have additional community programs that can be incorporated with your empowerment efforts? If you do, then The IAMS Foundation is here to help! Use the form below to tell us more about your needs and get the discussions started!

Opportunities Perfect For:

  • Organizations with a Focus on Women
  • Programs Dedicated to Supporting Minority Women
  • Programs Dedicated to the Improved Healthcare of Women
  • Educational Programs
  • Mentorship / Leadership Development Programs
  • Entrepreneurship Programs

Donate or Sponsor a Program

Financial support for non-profits are essential in each organization's ability to carry out their goals and objectives. While there are numerous opportunities to secure government funding, many non-profits are able to meet their financial goals based on the support of its individual donors - folks just like you! Your time may be short, but maybe your money isn't - make a general donation to our organization or sponsor a specific program to help us continue The IAMS Foundation journey!

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