Sponsor A Program

The IAMS Foundation is a non-profit / tax-exempt organization under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Like so many others, we could not operate without individuals just like you who support our mission - whether through volunteer actions or financial giving. Our program sponsors allow The IAMS Foundation to continue its mission in inspiring, educating, and encouraging minority women of all ages by implementing more programs. We thank each and every one of our sponsors for believing in what we do!


I Can Program

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The “I Can” mentoring program was created for women of all ages to be a mentor to other girls and young women. The IAMS Foundation's mentoring consists of after-school tutoring programs, book club meetings, a Big Sister / Little Sister program, and more. The “I Can” internship program allows young minority women an opportunity to learn hands on the lessons of being an entrepreneur.  More information →

I Care Program

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The "I Care" Program was created to promote community awareness & activism and better living (healthcare). The IAMS Foundation has utilized this program to partner with Making Strides and The Susan G. Komen Foundation to promote breast cancer awareness, as well as partnering with the local YMCA on small initiatives, and adopting and feeding those in need of shelter and food. More information →


I Matter Program

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The "I Matter" Program was created to promote self-wealth, provide spiritual guidance, personal development and other motivational and positive leadership behaviors. Workshops and discussion forums have been implemented by The IAMS Foundation through this program, with the ultimate goal of building personal skills and creating dialogue around topics that my be taboo or uncomfortable to discuss. More information →

Scholarship Gift

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Each year, The IAMS Foundation provides scholarships to young minority women of all ages who are pursuing higher education. As an extension of the "I Can" Program, these scholarships are vital and play a huge role in the lives of young women. The Annual I AM My Sista's! Scholarship Event has been a primary source of funding for the scholarships in the past, but more support can be effectively utilized! More information →