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“If A Picture Paints A Thousand Words, Then Let A Picture Inspire A Thousand Words.”

— Nicholas Boyd Crutchley


Monthly Spotlight - Meet Aulani!


My name is Aulani Collier and I attend Winston-Salem State University. This year I am going into my sophomore. My major is Nursing with a minor in Business and Administration. I also want to get my MBA after my nursing degree.

My dream is to help people feel better. Although I know I cannot help everyone, knowing that I am bring joy to someone’s life makes me happy. I hope to one day become a head nurse and run an entire department in a hospital. I also want to open my own practice where I have my own building. In my spare time I work two jobs. My first job is at Burlington and my second is working at the Amazon warehouse. I am also the head trustee in my church. I know how to direct the choir and I’m also a singer.

This summer I got certified to be a Medication Technician. I also got CPR certified this summer. In high school, I ran track and performed at the DPAC 6 years in a row. I was an administrative assistant for the front office my senior year and also was head of the fashion club. I am also apart of Sista Girls mentoring program under the direction of I Am My Sistas Foundation - and the Foundation moved me into my dorm this year, providing all the food, items, and essential needs to get my collegiate career started off right! Thank you so much (pictures in the gallery)! I love to work hard and hope to one day make a difference, just like others have done for me!