"I Matter" Program

...Positive Vibes Over Here.


When we say “It’s nothing but positive vibes with I AM My Sista’s!”, we mean it!

The “I Matter” program was created specifically to make sure that minority women of all ages have a safe place to express themselves…to take pride in who they are, or to be surrounded by positive women who have gone through or dealt with life’s ordeals just like they have. Finding others who can relate to an issue during a personal time of need is often the difference between someone persevering through their issue. We’re here to help make that connection!

Through this program, The IAMS Foundation continues its engagement with the community by implementing various self-wealth and leadership development seminars. These seminars range from women’s health to spiritual and motivational guidance forums – all with the ultimate goal of ensuring women know their worth.

Prayer groups – check! Cancer support groups – check! Career / entrepreneurship guidance – check!

If you need The IAMS Foundation, we’ll be there!

Creating a positive environment for healthy discussions is another objective for the IAMS Foundation. The “I Matter” panel discussion is comprised of various successful, influential women of the community who come together to address and discuss some of the nation’s most pressing issues for minority women. This forum is completely free to the community; discussions are currently in-progress to offer the “I Matter” panel in more places, because it needed!

In addition to the “I Matter” panel, the “I Matter” retreat will bring women together in a whole different aspect! Understanding the basic survival skills needed to subsist in the “nature” world can sometimes be taken for granted. This retreat will not only teach those basic survival skills, but will also serve as another opportunity for strong women to come together and build bonds in a totally unique way!

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I Am My Sista's! a various "I Matter" program events!