"I Can" Program

Education, Literacy & Mentorship


It may sound cliché but it’s true – Education is the key, and will play an instrumental role and an individual’s success.

The IAMS Foundation believes that everyone deserves the right to gain access to higher education. The “I Can” program has been created to continue to promote and encourage advancements in education for its community.

Through this program, The IAMS Foundation works with minority women of all ages – with programs fit for young teens still in high school as well as adults in the workforce looking to advance their skills. Tutoring sessions for middle and high school students are a mainstay, and one of the first programs implemented by The IAMS Foundation. Making sure young students have guidance early is a key objective. For adults, this program offers similar learning sessions, only tailored more towards learning needed to make advancements in the workplace. Specialized training seminars are held on topics ranging from Microsoft Office Certifications to Project Management and Six Sigma courses. With the help of successful businesswomen and men, The IAMS Foundation is able to implement these types of programs for the community.

In addition, The IAMS Foundation also provides mentorship and guidance to young women through its Big Sister / Little Sister program, which looks to establish an even further bond with the community. Not only does this program help and assist young women – this program also provides the older female mentor with a sense of purpose and responsibility that can ignite even more action within them. The IAMS Foundation has found that people who initially serve as a mentor or volunteer likely continue to do so as a result of the positive impact they have made on a young person’s life.

Lastly, the “I Can” program supports the career minded individuals by providing them with a real experience of working in corporate America or entrepreneurship. Whether through internships at one of The IAMS Foundation’s partner organizations, or through Career Days sponsored by other businesses, opportunities are available for young women to get a feel for what it’s like to have a career in the real workforce.

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I Am My Sista's! at various program events, including IAMS Scholarship recipient (bottom right)!